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Ella Jameson

Writer and blogger

Ella Jameson is a writer, blogger and contributor to many different websites, blogs and magazines. Her specialist subjects include travel, food, health and fitness and the environment.

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Kentucky 1 article
Luxury Travel Magazine

Discover Kentucky's History, Scenery, and Culture

If you're contemplating a new destination to discover you might consider Kentucky. Chances are that Kentucky may not immediately spring to mind, but have a look at our top reasons why Kentucky is a destination worth visiting...

Monte carlo night article
Luxury Travel Magazine

A Millionaire's Weekend in Monaco

Despite measuring no more than 0.75 square miles along the Côte d'Azur and taking less than an hour to walk across, Monaco is famous across the globe for its unadulterated glitz and glamour.

Reggae sumfest article
Luxury Travel Magazine

Music Lovers' Guide to the Caribbean

Music is synonymous with the Caribbean, particularly reggae, ska and dancehall. If you’re planning a trip to any of the islands there are plenty of opportunities to experience one of world’s richest musical cultures, from reggae festivals to elegant jazz lounges.