Ella Jameson

Ella Jameson

Writer and blogger

Ella Jameson is a writer, blogger and contributor to many different websites, blogs and magazines. Her specialist subjects include travel, food, health and fitness and the environment.

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Millenials1 article
Elite Daily

How Millennials Are Reinventing The 'White Picket Fence' American ...

How Millennials Are Reinventing The 'White Picket F...

Bloom article
Elite Daily

How Much Compatibility Matters For Whether A Relationship ...

Just how important is compatibility to an enduring, happy relationship? How can it be defined? Is it as simple as having things in common and sharing interests and passions? Can two people who are opposites still be compatible?

Elite Daily

Dying To Be Thin: The Troubling Truth About Diet Pills

In an increasingly appearance-orientated world, the desire to be slim has never been greater.
Equally, neither has the desire for a “quick fix.”