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Ella Jameson

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Ella Jameson is a writer, blogger and contributor to many different websites, blogs and magazines. Her specialist subjects include travel, food, health and fitness and the environment.

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Plants and humans have evolved together in a beautiful symbiotic relationship — albeit one that we are now abusing. Whether we’re using them for food, shelter, medicine, or simply to breathe, without plants we just wouldn’t exist.


The hidden dangers of caffeine: How coffee causes exhaustion ...

Teens are abusing a ‘hot’ new drug in enormous quantities and it’s as easy to purchase as a click of a button.’ This morbid idea is unfortunately a reality. Caffeine powder is leading the charge as an easy and incredibly dangerous way for teens to get a buzz. Offering over 70x the concentration of many energy drinks and just as easy to obtain, caffeine powder poses a massive threat to youths.

Margarita drink alcohol article

Tune Up Your Immune System for Cold and Flu Season

As far back as 10,000 BC humans were producing and drinking alcohol, and though the mode of fermentation may have changed over time, our thirst for the drink has not. The discussion of alcohol’s advantages and disadvantages has been around for years; is it a tonic or a poison? Is it really so bad for us?

Timthumb article

Natural Ways to Avoid Sickness This Winter

Cold and flu season is upon us, and December is the month when infections become most prevalent. Each year we spend billions trying to ease the symptoms of the various winter viruses that go around, yet most treatments only subdue cold symptoms as opposed to actually eradicating them. Rather than plying your body with chemicals, your best defensive weapon is your immune system.