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Ella Jameson

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Ella Jameson is a writer, blogger and contributor to many different websites, blogs and magazines. Her specialist subjects include travel, food, health and fitness and the environment.

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Digital Journal

What do Ireland's new drug policies mean for the USA?

What do Ireland's new drug policies mean for the US...

Millenials1 article
Elite Daily

How Millennials Are Reinventing The 'White Picket Fence' American ...

How Millennials Are Reinventing The 'White Picket F...

Marijuana article

Medical Marijuana Is Gaining Traction, But Many Still Refuse To See ...

Marijuana. Pot. Weed. Grass. Dope. Most of us can think of a few names for it, and most of us probably have an opinion on it too.

O honeymoon facebook article
The Huffington Post

The Ultimate Honeymoon Destinations

A quick Google search throws up the usual recommendations -- the Maldives, the Seychelles, Hawaii, and a variety of Caribbean islands -- but what if you are looking for an extra element to your honeymoon beyond staggering beachside beauty?......


NaturalNews Blogs

Plants and humans have evolved together in a beautiful symbiotic relationship — albeit one that we are now abusing. Whether we’re using them for food, shelter, medicine, or simply to breathe, without plants we just wouldn’t exist.

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Brain Blogger

A Long Way to Sobriety | Brain Blogger

Drug abuse by young adults in the USA is higher than anywhere else in the world.

Mars isro mission india 1 article

Mice of Mars: Rodents Pave Way to Red Planet

Mice continue to play a critically important part in space experiments, mainly because the animals make excellent test subjects.

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Digital Journal

Op-Ed: Why 2015 is the year meditation will make its mark

The benefits of mediation have long been extolled by those who practice it, but it’s only recently that the rest of the world has begun to take note. So what exactly is it about meditation that is enticing so many?

Istock 000036051548small 300x300 article

Do You Know What (Drugs) Your Kids Are Doing?

It is vital that your teen feels able to talk to you about drugs; if they are using but are afraid of the consequences of telling you it will only lead to more deception.

Bloom article
Elite Daily

How Much Compatibility Matters For Whether A Relationship ...

Just how important is compatibility to an enduring, happy relationship? How can it be defined? Is it as simple as having things in common and sharing interests and passions? Can two people who are opposites still be compatible?

Five ways profit1 700x350 article

5 Ways Landlords can Maximize Profit from Rentals

Recent developments in the real estate industry are proving to be a mixed bag for landlords. Vacancy rates are increasing for the first time since 2009 as the number of empty properties grows. The good news is that increased supply isn’t putting a damper on rent amounts, which continue to rise as newly built homes and apartments tend to command a premium.

O american flag facebook article
The Huffington Post

What's Driving Americans Out of the Country?

While leaving the U.S. may never be an issue of economic survival, the new economic climate is making it a much more tempting option than ever before.......

College town rentals3 700x350 article

Pros and Cons of Renting Your Property in a College Town

Whether nestled in the heart of a booming metropolis or surrounded by miles of cornfields, all college campuses share the same population: students.

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Why Meditation May Be the Key to a Healthy, Happy Home

No matter how well-behaved your kids are on the whole, parenting is tough. The teenage years in particular can be a minefield, and temperamental, rebellious children can become a huge strain on families. Dealing with disobedience or anger issues as well as managing your own stress levels can sometimes seem like an impossible task, so what can you do to help yourself – and your family?

Kentucky 1 article
Luxury Travel Magazine

Discover Kentucky's History, Scenery, and Culture

If you're contemplating a new destination to discover you might consider Kentucky. Chances are that Kentucky may not immediately spring to mind, but have a look at our top reasons why Kentucky is a destination worth visiting...